Works, By Date: 1910-1919 (204)

Total: 347 works

Max Takes A Bath (Max prend un bain)

Max does a nervous twitch so effectively, it is almost contagious. When doctor prescribes hot baths, Max buys a tub which, hilariously, leads to a wall-scaling chase, as first seen in the 1906 "The ? Motorist", adding to the the wonderful absurdity of it all.

Max In Search Of A Sweetheart (Max Cherche une Fiancee)

Max gets into trouble when he sends two girls the same poem. This idea is revisited in a wacky way in the 1917 "Max The Heartbreaker".

A Shy Youth (Les timidités de Rigadin)

A shy young man is sent to court a young lady, but ends up being allured by a servant pretending to be the absent young lady. Humorously highlighting class differences via a spirited and domineering woman that breaks down the reserve of a bourgeois man, this provides the basic framework of the screwball comedy (sans happy ending). Mistinguett steals the show, exuding the kind of earthy charm and humor that gave her fame.

How Greediness Spoilt Foolshead's Christmas (Come fu che l'ingordigia rovinò il Natale a Cretinetti)

Capturing the true spirit of the celebration - greed - Cretinetti destroys Christmas, taking out Santa, angels, and saints in a Méliès-style fantasy of riotous excess.

Max Is Stuck Up (Max Ne Se Mariera Pas)

Max has an important dinner date, but things get a bit sticky. In other comedies, the fly paper gag felt more frustrating than funny. But the humor here lies in Max's attempts to hide his difficulties, which just compounds the problem - a core trait of Max.

The Musketeers of Pig Alley

Rival gangs exchange mean mugs and bullets, leading to an enigmatic ending. Free of the more aggressively manipulative Griffith conventions (e.g., damsel in distress, race to rescue), instead focusing on atmosphere and character (Elmer Booth's wonderful portrayal), makes this seem less dated than other Griffith works.

The Water-Funker (La peur de l'eau)

Max's romance is derailed by a challenge to his fear of water. Only two comic moments: this first one at 9 minutes. The final comic moment (at 13 minutes) is Max in his best manic form. It's even more impressive because it is preceded by a chillingly grim portrayal of broken-hearted depression: like a cinematic display of manic-depression.

Dr Brian Pellie and the Secret Dispatch

This is the final 2 minutes of the 10-minute video described at It features a reenactment of the 1909 Tottenham chase, that began with a robbery by anarchists, set in a fictional tale of spies.

Birth of Shree Krishna (Shree Krishna Janma)

Judging from this clip, initially Shree Krishna's song and dance act (which looks like Little Stevie Wonder's) didn't go over too well. Happily, instruction is provided on how to deal with irritating song and dance acts (Note: a spare cauldron of boiling oil is required).