The Lonedale Operator

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Variation on the invasion-call-rescue formula of Griffith`s earlier "The Lonely Villa". Most importantly, the melodramatic fat is trimmed by replacing Mother Purity and Her Three Snow White Virgins with one smart tough cookie - a working girl who even stays cool enough to take a quick mid-crisis nap - thus avoiding the worst of the dated hokey trappings that plague too many Griffith films.

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The Girl And Her Trust

A dull rerun of Griffith`s earlier invasion-call-rescue thriller "The Lonedale Operator". But Lonedale`s smart tough cookie is replaced by a different type of girl: she doesn`t hesitate to accept a gift from a man who sees it as a prelude to romance, then scoffs at his plea for a date (without returning the gift), and then offers his gift to another man, who she then slaps when he presumes the gift offer is a prelude to romance. After thus establishing the character, in what is known in cinematic terms as, "a scan`lous cock-teasing bitch", the film then shows her pointlessly risking her life to save the company`s money, thus further expanding the character to be a "brain-dead bootlicker", and leaving no doubt that, with these two traits, a bright future awaits her in the corporate world.