Hell's Hinges

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Even though this again features Hart as an outlaw gone soft-headed for a dame, it immediately reveals itself as unique because it does not open with Hart's cowboy, and more than ten minutes go by before he finally appears. Instead, the film begins with detailed depiction of the story's primary movers, that the cowboy will find himself forced to deal with. A finely crafted Wild West Sodom and Gomorrah tale - despite its annoying pompous titles and their spoilers.

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Blazing Fashion...

Blaze Tracy in fashion
Who called me a “fop”?

...And the rest

Silk Miller
“Silk” Miller: introduced as “Mingling the oily craftiness of a Mexican with the deadly treachery of a rattler...”
- with apologies to rattlers.
Dolly: introduced as “Dolly”. If only the other titles were as concise...
The Boys
The Boys: need no introduction - they're all around us.