Works by Pathé (68)

No More Bald Men

Simple gag, smooth execution. Year uncertain, estimates ranging from 1905 to 1912, with 1908 most common.

In Love With The Bearded Woman (Amoureux de la Femme à Barbe)

This is not Max, the dapper and loveable upper-class twit, but appears to be the same schoolboy in "His First Cigar" (same uniform and still living with parents), who now has lovesick eyes for big bush.

The Surprises of a Flirtation (Les surprises de l'amour)

A father and two sons pursue the same dame. Even though this release date is not in Linder's early period, this is not Max, the dapper and loveable upper-class twit.

The Little Vixen (Petite Rosse)

Max must learn to juggle three balls to win a mischievous maid. Includes one of the craziest of the Crazy Max dances. The title of this print "Max Jongleur par Amour (Juggling for Love)" is probably a re-release title, for there is no film with that title in the Pathe catalog. The description of the plot, down to the wording of the intertitles, identifies it as "Petite rosse". The film was originally also released in Pathecolor.

Romeo Turns Bandit (Roméo Se Fait Bandit)

Romeo hires bandits to kidnap Juliet and capture her father. Move on folks, nothing to see here.