Language: Silent, French titles (12)

Le Costume Blanc

André Deed was one of film's first comedy stars yet, unfortunately, films like this might leave modern viewers wondering why. Deed's face is seldom visble, and the camera frequently lingers after he is out of frame.

Max In Search Of A Sweetheart (Max Cherche une Fiancee)

Max gets into trouble when he sends two girls the same poem. This idea is revisited in a wacky way in the 1917 "Max The Heartbreaker".

How Greediness Spoilt Foolshead's Christmas (Come fu che l'ingordigia rovinò il Natale a Cretinetti)

Capturing the true spirit of the celebration - greed - Cretinetti destroys Christmas, taking out Santa, angels, and saints in a Méliès-style fantasy of riotous excess.