Oh Doctor!

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Don't worry - this time Fatty's not again behind the counter swindling and endangering people. Now he's a doctor swindling and endangering people. A story with more twists and turns, and shot in multiple settings, giving it a more expansive feel. Buster reprises his vaudeville role that gained him fame and unique acrobatic skills: the bratty kid who gets smacked around by his pops.

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Dr. Fatty Goes Hands-On

Dr. Fatty in the middle
Dr. Fatty knocking it

Ain't He Cute?

Dr. Fatty's hat removed
Dr. Fatty's dumb smile
Dr. Fatty gives the signal

Be careful what you wish for...

Dr. Fatty's hat removed
Just 6 months later, in March 1918, came the earliest documented case of the Great Influenza epidemic (aka the 1918 influenza pandemic, or the Spanish flu), one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.