The Telephone Girl And The Lady

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Yet another riff on the invasion-call-rescue theme, but made more interesting because the distress call goes not to a male Master Of The Home, but to the girl in the telephone office who, like The Lonedale Operator, thinks quick to save the day (without even fainting!). Plus 11 more points of interest...

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11 points of interest

  1. The camaraderie of the girls in the office: women at home never appear that way.
  2. The arranged marriage, purely for financial benefit
  3. The bratty younger sister
  4. The Cad: not just a jewel thief and woman assaulter, but a bicycle thief - BOO!
  5. The bike easily kept up with the car
  6. The lady has a maid and chauffeur, yet does her own grocery shopping
  7. The tip: fainting, properly timed, can be useful
  8. The Cad used the fight move used 9 years earlier in Bold Bank Robbery :
    Two drop sweeps
  9. The telephone girl jumps right into the fight
  10. The moral of the story: Help the rich keep their riches and they may toss you some crumbs
  11. The grocer already had another gal!


The Lonedale Operator

Variation on the invasion-call-rescue formula of Griffith`s earlier "The Lonely Villa". Most importantly, the melodramatic fat is trimmed by replacing Mother Purity and Her Three Snow White Virgins with one smart tough cookie - a working girl who even stays cool enough to take a quick mid-crisis nap - thus avoiding the worst of the dated hokey trappings that plague too many Griffith films.