Judex (Serial)

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A caped crusader and his sidekick respond to a distress signal that appears at their tech-equipped cave. Welcome to the cinema of 1917 - where the story began...

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  1. Prologue

  2. Episode 1: The Mysterious Shadow

  3. Episode 2: The Atonement

  4. Episode 3: The Fantastic Hounds

  5. Episode 4: The Secret of the Tomb

  6. Episode 5: The Tragic Mill

  7. Episode 6: The Licorice Kid

  8. Episode 7: The Woman in Black

  9. Episode 8: The Underground Passages of the Chateau Rouge

  10. Episode 9: When the Child Appeared

  11. Episode 10: Jacqueline's Heart

  12. Episode 11: The Water Goddess

  13. Episode 12: Love's Forgiveness

  14. Epilogue

Judex Episode 12: Love's Forgiveness (Le pardon d'amour)


  • The ridiculously stiff walk of Judex: always present, but most notable at 00:14
  • In the new house, scenes with The Woman In Black are almost always in darkness
  • Louis Leubas' performance
  • The poignant ending

Judex: Epilogue

DON'T WATCH THIS AT ALL! The sole intertitle of the 1924 film Der Letzte Mann (The Last Laugh) applies here:

Here our story should really end, for in actual life the forlorn old man would have little to look forward to but death.

The author took pity on him, however, and provided quite an improbable epilogue.

One writer explains this with the claim: The film's producer Erich Pommer, representing the general concept of the time, thought that a film with such a bad end would have very little success...As a result, he forced Murnau and Mayer to add a happy end in the film. Highlights:
  • None
Do yourself a favor: don't watch this epilogue.