Maciste/Marvelous Maciste

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Maciste smoothly steps out of his loincloth and dark skin into spats and double-breasted suit to hit the streets of 20th century Turin, where he is lured by a girl with a sob story straight out of your spam mail folder. A truly straight-up righteous dude, he bails on the dame, kicking a stray dog on the way. Things get worse for the hound when the studio nixed plans for his own spinoff series. Who needs a dog when you've got Maciste?

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Multifaceted Maciste

The Maciste of Cabiria relied only on his strength for overcoming obstacles, but in the modern world Maciste combines strength with balance, agility, and wits to always come out on top.

Maciste The Floorbuster
Floorbuster Maciste
Maciste's Super Teeth
SuperFang Maciste
Spider Maciste
"....just like they do in the movies..."