Good Night, Nurse!

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A fast-paced gagathon that's ultra high-energy - even by Comique's manic norm. Highlights:

  1. Fatty's version of chivalry towards a storm-drenched damsel in distress
  2. Fatty's irreverence for the National Anthem
  3. Post-op Fatty checking on Lil' Willy
  4. Alice Lake gets to join The Rough Boys' wild wackiness (but wisely ducks for cover when the roughhousing starts)
  5. Fatty's Looney Tunes-style screwball pool dive
  6. Fatty and doctor's courtship ritual
Demonstrating the usual senselessness of censors, only #1 got cut by the Chicago Board of Censors, while #2 and #3 slipped by.

Online: Internet Archive


Fatty's five is flipped!