The Aryan/La fiera domada

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The title raised the excited hope of going beyond the usual stereotyping and slurs, instead delivering an explicit exposition of racial ideology - taking Birth Of A Nation out west. Unfortunately, this is just an incomplete reconstruction of a film considered lost until 2008. The introduction states that this version comes from an Argentine mid-1920s rerelease (dates within the film are given as 1923), with titles that “differ quite a bit from the original”. Most segments have not been digitally restored, and lost segments are replaced by photographs.

The original may have been more directly concerned with racial ideology, but here Cowboy's main conflict is with women: Cowboy is massively Madonna–whore complexed. This is immediately suggested in the very first scene, where Cowboy's sacred love for his distant mother is juxtaposed with images of him petting and kissing his bestial companion. Then after he deludes himself that a sleazy mining camp on the border is his ideal “town inhabited by men of iron heart”, and that his mother would love a girl he met in a bar there, he is of course vamped. But instead of dumping her, he takes her as his whore he loves to hate, as he does a No-More-Mister-Nice-Guy. Finally, he meets The Virgin Mary Jane and he again falls to his delusions as she cons him into believing his White Man's Duty is to give away his riches. He leaves behind his whore to return to his Brotherhood and replay the Heroic Defender role that first got him vamped, before riding off in the sunset to seek his next imagined Madonna to transform into an imagined whore. So goes the life of an iron-hearted Aryan.

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Sacred and Profane Love

Cowboy kissing horse
The film opens with Cowboy petting and kissing his beloved horse, in anticipation of his reunion with his beloved mother.
Go to mother's
He suggests to his beloved horse/companion that they “go to mother's house”. Could Cowboy and horse be siblings?
This is followed by a flashback to mother. Not much resemblance between his two beloved old nags - maybe his memory of Mom was stirred by the horse smell.
After thinking of loving Mom dearly, he sighs deeply and begins to return to fondling his horse/companion/sibling/mother-standin, when the scene abruptly cuts away...
Cowboy buckling his belt
When the scene returns to him, he stands with another happy companion, while buckling his belt...a poignant reminder of the isolation faced by lone cowboys. And that a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do - bringing to mind the alternate title, taken from the Spanish-language re-release version: La Fiera Domada (The Tamed Beast).

Deja Vu

Cowboy kissing horse Cowboy kissing horse
Wonder how far The Aryan Cowboy got before he heard from the grapevine that The Virgin Mary Jane and The Greaser were in cahoots, now humping hard and living large on the dough bamboozled from him? Oh well, back to the stables...