The Cook

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Fatty's back in the kitchen, juggling utensils again, this time with help from Buster as a waiter - until Buster is overcome with exotic dance fever, that spreads to Fatty and results in exotic apparel created from kitchenware. Wonderfully destructive and wacky fun to watch, even without being aware that it's a parody of a popular 1918 film (now lost), Salomé - complete with the dancer being brought a head on a plate. Al The Bad Guy breaks it up, and has to be put in his place by Luke the ladder-climbing dog (revisting the 1915 Fatty's Faithful Fido). When things settle down we are reminded that, despite its current ubiquity, spaghetti is relatively new to the US - just another case of a country's debt to its immigrants.

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Salomé film poster and Fatty
The band
And let's hear it for the band we can't hear

The band stops playing, and appears to be eager to get a look at the action