Max Takes Tonics (Victime du quinquina)

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AKA, “Why Top Hats Fell Out Of Favor”...Max visits a doctor who prescribes a tonic, but Max overdoses and goes about the day in a completely drunken state. A true masterpiece - funnier with every viewing.

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Calm Defeat, Cheap Beer, and the Slammers

It seems humor is intended in the names:

PLACIDE translates as "calm"
TRAFALGAR was a famous naval defeat of the French by the British
VAN LABIBINE, Ambassador of STYRIE [now in Austria]
BIBINE translates as "lower quality beer"
ANATOLE DELATOLE, Police Commissioner
TÔLE translates as an informal term for" jail"


  • Police commissioner card leads to Minister of War, and Minister of War card leads to Police commissioner
  • Before entering homes of Police commissioner and Minister of War, policemen search Max's pockets and retrieve keys that they use to enter - even though Max doesn't live there.