Works featuring "chase" (78)

The Teddy Bears

Porter still has not discovered the value of a closeup shot, and once again demonstrates his talent for transforming a 5-minute yarn into a 14-minute yawn. Here, The Three Bears meet Teddy Roosevelt and discover not only that he doesn't bother to speak, but he's also traded in his big stick for a big gun. Naive to standard imperialist tactics, they realize only too late that Goldilocks was merely a pretext for wholesale slaughter and plunder. A fun watch for the kids.

That Fatal Sneeze

Boy's revenge on old man for a practical joke brings disaster to town - to the boy's devilish delight - until that fatal sneeze.

The Race for the Sausage (Course a la saucisse)

Dog goes for sausage, town goes after dog. Similar to Pathé's 'The Policemen's Little Run' (released the same year), but towers over the competition in scoring for PPM (Pratfalls Per Minute).

In Love With The Bearded Woman (Amoureux de la Femme à Barbe)

This is not Max, the dapper and loveable upper-class twit, but appears to be the same schoolboy in His First Cigar (same uniform and still living with parents), who now has lovesick eyes for big bush.

Too Much Beauty (Cretinetti che bello!/Troppo Bello)

When Cretinetti is invited to a wedding, he heads out in his most dapper looks - thus making him irresistable to every woman who sees him (including the bride!). A setup for yet another remake of 1904's 'Personal' - with a twist ending that reflects Deed's roots with Georges Méliès.

Max Takes A Bath (Max prend un bain)

Max does a nervous twitch so effectively, it is almost contagious. When doctor prescribes hot baths, Max buys a tub which, hilariously, leads to a wall-scaling chase, as first seen in the 1906 "The ? Motorist", adding to the the wonderful absurdity of it all.