The Policemen's Little Run (La course des sergents de ville)

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Dog goes for sausage, police go after dog.

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This Pathé work starts from Hepworth's success in featuring a dog (1905 Rescued By Rover), and then adds to that two gags previously seen in R.W. Paul's productions:

1905, The Unfortunate Policeman: The comic 'chain' chase
An incremental chase where people keep linking up to the pursuit.
1906, The '?' Motorist: The "Spider Man" trick shot
Where objects or beings scale a wall as effortlessly as an insect.

Pathé's Max Linder later revisited these gags multiple times:

1910: Max Takes A Bath
Max takes the dog's role, as he is chased up a similar wall by cops.
1912: Max And The Donkey
Max again takes the dog's role, as he leaps across a stranger's bed, and is chased down a similar wall, by a donkey.
1912: Max Fears the Dogs
Max reprises the dog role (being chased by dogs), again leaping across a stranger's bed,