Works featuring "infidelity" (12)

Mabel, Fatty and the Law/Fatty, Mabel and the Law/Fatty's Spooning Days

Ah, spooning...brings to mind some of life's sweetest intimate moments, doesn't it? Huddled over your heroin as it gently cooks up, or guiding that coke to the nostril flared in eager anticipation...But here “spooning” is used in the dated sense: i.e., what you do by the light of the silvery moon with your honey while you croon love's tune in June. That is, what other generations have called “making out”, “necking”, “petting”, “smooching”, “suck face”, “swapping spit” get the idea. So think of this as “Fatty's Suck Face Days”, where we get the rare cinematic treat of seeing crazy cops who are also bad cops: inept buffoons who also frame, rob and beat you.

Max and the Flirtometer (Le Baromètre de la Fidélité)

The Linders are given a long tube filled with clear liquid and told that their fidelity is proven as long as the liquid stays clear. It is missing the opening scene, as described at the Film: Ab Initio blog, which notes “Its brand of humour makes it a forerunner for the screwball comedies of the thirties and forties”. Features the Max Slide.

The Rough House


  • Demonstrates the benefit of a calm, composed, and emotionally disengaged response to unexpected events.
  • With two forks stuck into two bread rolls, Roscoe performs a dance using the rolls as feet: in the same way that Chaplin years later made famous in the “Oceana Roll Dance” of The Gold Rush
  • The acrobatic teamwork of The Rough Boys
  • Roscoe's kitchen skills
  • Reveals one possible origin of the thuggish character of US police
Let's be clear: if you're looking for any hint of a story, other than what is given in the title, then too bad. If you can't stand the heat, then stay out of the Rough kitchen.