The Mystery Of Dr. Fu Manchu - Episode 5: The Miracle

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  • 3 dudes who accidentally wandered into the wrong movie, bow out gracefully
  • Doc Fu dons spats to show us his old-school style of dealing with a two-timing lackey. But, the Doc still hasn't faced up to his bad habit of procrastination.
  • Meanwhile, that double-crossing duo continue their crusade of snatching from the “Brown and Yellow”, to resurrect their putrid decayed “White” fellow (a process historians call “colonialism”).
  • The butler did it - is that really a spoiler?
Adapted from chapters 21-23 of The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu (UK)/The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu (US) (1913), the first novel in the Dr. Fu Manchu series.

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  1. Chapter XXI

  2. Chapter XXII

  3. Chapter XXIII

The Mystery Of Dr. Fu Manchu (Serial)

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