Works by Pathé (66)

Love Me, Love My Cat (Max n'aime pas les chats)

Max loves Jane, but Jane loves her pussy - and it's driving Max mad. Too long, but hang in there til the end...

Max's Hat (Le chapeau de Max)

Max's hat is dogged by misfortune.

Max Takes A Picture (Max fait de la photo)

Max goes nuts when he sees big butt. Max tries to sneak snapshots of a Rubenesque beauty on the beach, but she gets payback - as Max ends up frantic with guilt. Too little content, dragged out too long.

Max Professor Of Tango (Max professeur de Tango)

One, two, three - puke! A drunken tango lesson by Max is the old "Walk this way" gag taken to the extreme. Showcases both his smooth dancing style, as well as his masterful physical comedic skill, in a clever skit that needed no intertitles.

Max And The Lady Doctor (Max et la doctoresse)

In the first act, Max must overcome his shyness to declare his love for a lady doctor. In the second act, he faces numerous obstacles on his wedding night. In the final act, he restores his privileged position of malehood, as in the Alice Guy-Blaché film "The Consequences of Feminism (1906)" - sans the profound irony. But the major shortcoming here is too much angry Max, not enough lovable hapless twit.

Max Plays The Drama (Max joue le drame)

Max performs tragedy - and leaves not a dry eye in the house. Could be viewed as a parody of his bumbling in "La légende de Polichinelle (1907)".