Works by Louis J. Gasnier (8)

His First Cigar (Premier Cigare d'un Collegien)

This is not Max, the dapper and loveable upper-class twit, but appears to be the same schoolboy in 'In Love With The Bearded Woman' (same uniform and still living with parents), who takes a crack at cigar-smoking. Closeup shots showcase Linder's remarkable expressive abilities, as he demonstrates how to choke with finesse.

Max Linder's Big Family (Je voudrais un enfant)

Max feels his marital bliss is incomplete. Somewhat similar to the 1904 "The Strenuous Life, Or, Anti-Race Suicide", with absurd comedy replacing social satire. A bit unnerving to watch Max do his manic antics near real infants.

Max Makes A Touch (L' ingénieux attentat)

Impoverished brothers try to put the touch on their father, to raise money for a night on the town.