Works by Mabel Normand (28)

Mabel and Fatty Viewing The World's Fair At San Francisco

Beware: False advertising! This is actually an “educational” tour of the 1915 World's Fair, where the characters “Mabel and Fatty” do not appear at all. Instead, it only shows Miss Normand and Mr. Arbuckle (as celebrities, out of character) just sitting and pointing for less than a minute, and then visiting dignitaries and exhibits for a mere 5 minutes of this 17-minute Snoozeville. If you've already been duped by this, consider taking legal action against the evil Keystone conglomerate!

Mabel Lost And Won

Print in poor condition, so tough to figure out what's going on here. Only hints are three title cards in the first minute, one near midway, then no more until the punchline comes in the final title. Best I can tell: Mabel's finger gets a ring, so she thinks her man will be true. But a “cougar” got a big ol' Mabel says “I'm leaving you!”. Rubber leg dancing, blurred action inside cigarette smoke, closeups of dancing feet.