Bold Bank Robbery

Assault, carjacking, armed robbery - then the action starts... Not usually cited as a significant or influential film, yet it contains a number of elements that were not commonly found in films at that time, but later were widely used.

This essay attempts to show why this film deserves more attention in film histories.


  1. The plagiarism myth

  2. Antecedents

  3. Legacy

  4. Extra: The Outlaw Cut

Note: As with most early films, there are no intertitles. While the film is sufficiently straightforward to be appreciated on its own on first viewing, subsequent viewing is enhanced by knowing elements of the story that are not evident, but provided by the Lubin catalog detailed description at AFI.


A Daring Daylight Burglary

One of the models for 'The Great Train Robbery'and 'The Bold Bank Robbery'. Also provides an early taste of the police procedural, in the form of a detailed rendering of emergency medical assistance for the injured policemen (a digression that, regrettably, breaks the pace of the chase).


Desperate Poaching Affray

'Alas, my hat...'. Desperate, gun-toting, upper-class posse chases desperate, gun-toting, hat-fetishist poachers.


The Great Train Robbery

Considered a milestone in film making