The Great Train Robbery

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Considered a milestone in film making

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Partially modeled after A Daring Daylight Burglary, released months earlier, in both films:

  • The crime is discovered by a child
    Kiddie Crime Watch
  • A fight scene ends with a (rather obvious) dummy hurled off a roof
    Dummy dumping
  • A train is used for getaway
    Train getaway

The film's blockbuster success resulted in it being even more influential than its predecessor, with The Bold Bank Robbery as one of its notable follow-ups.

After a century, this flick still rocks, because it's all killer, no filler. From the opening shot of the gang busting in, to their smoking demise at the end, the only break in the action comes in the dance scene that introduces the posse (who wore dark and also enjoyed hooligan fun, so not easily distinguished from the robbers).

Just under 11 minutes is all that's needed to get across what TV shows spend at least 30 minutes on, while modern films spend at least 90 minutes. That's progress?