Going to Bed Under Difficulties (Le Déshabillage impossible)

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Man finds it impossible to undress for bed, because new clothes magically keep appearing on him. [Star Film 312-313]

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In The Bewitched Inn (L'auberge ensorcelée) the man's clothes rebelled by politely departing from the room, but here the clothes aggressively refuse to leave his body, as new ones repeatedly replace the clothes that have been removed.

As in his 1896 film, A Terrible Night (Une nuit terrible) and 1897 The Bewitched Inn (L'auberge ensorcelée), there is no rest for the weary here.

This was remade several times, for example W.R.Booth's 1901 Undressing Extraordinary and Alice Guy-Blaché's 1903 How Monsieur Takes His Bath (Comment monsieur prend son bain). Its influence can also be seen in Tex Avery's 1952 animation Magical Maestro.