The Man Who Knew Too Much

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More accrurately titled, "The Man Who Knew Too Much And Told His Wife - Who Then Also Knew Too Much - And Also A Family Friend, Who Nonetheless Didn't Seem To Know Too Much Because No One Took Him Seriously". Even with the abbreviated title, it's still a rather silly movie, like a self-parody: kidnapping and repeated threats of child murder played for laughs. Each possibility for tension or suspense is lost to wisecracks or quips. Of course Peter Lorre's performance rises above the trite banter: his smile sends shivers down the spine, hinting at sadistic delight - and even madness.

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Sidney Street Siege

A newsreel of the state response to the challenge of a couple of anarchists in 1911 London that fought off the combined force of police and military. Was the inspiration for the shootout in the final scene of Hitchcock's 1934 "The Man Who Knew Too Much".