2006: Still not in the top 10 of high-risk occupations

The most current BLS fatality data, for 2006, shows relative risks similar to what was found for 1997: the lethal risk of police work was closer to the risk of the average worker than it was to the high risk work of roofers or farm workers. Risk for taxi drivers and construction laborers now decreased to be closer to that of police - who are still ranked at #14. Police have risk well below that of refuse workers.

The new occupational category for police, introduced in 2003, resulted in a smaller worker count. This led to fatality rates increasing, even as the number of fatalities decreased.

Source:Fatality rates by industry, occupation, and selected demographic characteristics, 2006
[finalized 2007 data not available as of 30 April 2009] (PDF), US Bureau of Labor Statistics