Language: Silent (101)

No More Bald Men

Simple gag, smooth execution. Year uncertain, estimates ranging from 1905 to 1912, with 1908 most common.

The Lonely Villa

To con The Master, a diabolical mulatto dons a whiteface then pulls a Stepin Fetchit to sneak his gang into the inner sanctum of Pure White Virgins, intent on stealing hair ribbons to add to their arsenal of kinky chicken chokers. When The Master learns his monopoly on hair ribbons is threatened, he immediately summons The Klan, but they were busy with their own chicken-choking, so instead he grabs a gypsy cab and arrives in time to restore the Confederate South, in this D.W. Griffith parody of "The Bitch Of A Nation" (which he hadn`t filmed yet), where the rescue ride won`t start, the rescue gun won`t shoot, and the rescue phone goes dead.

The Surprises of a Flirtation (Les surprises de l'amour)

A father and two sons pursue the same dame. Even though this release date is not in Linder's early period, this is not Max, the dapper and loveable upper-class twit.


The original film is 2.5 hours, so this version is missing more than half the film - most notably, the intertitles. Also, the two main male leads share similar costumes, physique, mustaches, and hair styles, and are both seen with the same woman. So this version is tricky to follow, but is worth the effort: a more natural acting style, location filming, unforgettable scenes of crowd uprising, and a story that subtly surveys the intersection between emotional and social landscapes - at a time when US film was still honing its huckster skills of grabbing the attention of the audience, then ramming views and values (aka, propaganda) down its throat.

Max Professor Of Tango (Max professeur de Tango)

One, two, three - puke! A drunken tango lesson by Max is the old "Walk this way" gag taken to the extreme. Showcases both his smooth dancing style, as well as his masterful physical comedic skill, in a clever skit that needed no intertitles.

Mabel's Busy Day

Unencumbered by story or intertitles, Mabel and Chaplin go freestyle in this nonstop brawl. Not the funniest, but the sheer energy of this intensely physical comedy threatens to transgress all laws of nature (For extra credit, watch in slow motion and count how many times Mabel and Chaplin leap up in sync).