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“Disputes of any kind should be handled rationally”

(Handmade News Service) The District Court yesterday sentenced star basketball player Rod Johnson to 30 days in prison for committing violence against his ex-wife last year.

“Disputes of any kind should be handled rationally”, the Court said in its ruling, adding that those involved should never resort to physical violence.

The defendant clearly failed to show emotional self-control or respect for another person's physical safety, the Court ruled.

The Court stated that the one-month prison sentence, which can be commuted to a fine, was imposed because Johnson repeatedly denied any wrongdoing during trial, only repeatedly protesting: “But she wasn't in possession of the ball...”.

When reached for comment, the Professional Basketball League insisted Johnson's suspension from the league will remain in effect, “until Johnson overcomes his personal issues, and is ready to return to the court with the fighting spirit needed to win”.