King Of The Circus (Max, der Zirkuskönig)

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Max suffers from brattiness and drunkenness, but gets serious after he falls for the daughter of a circus director - who forbids her romance with an outsider. Max then attempts to learn circus performance but when he is forced to admit his failure, the director then invites Max to join his circus anyway - as a lion tamer! Linder's final feature film, made in Austria.

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In her 1983 documentary on Max Linder, "The Man in the Silk Hat", Maud Linder says of Max Linder's rarely-found final feature film (made in Austria): "Nothing remains of this great film but a few stills and scraps of footage, unscreenable today". Fortunately, more of the film was later found.

Although most profiles of Linder's career sketch a portrait of post-war decline until the end, his final feature film rebuts those claims. The film was so successful that it was remade in 1937 and 1957.