Maciste In Hell (Maciste all’inferno)

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A surprisingly imaginative visual feast, not so far from Fellini.

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Strong As Hell

Maciste vs goatee
Maciste vs goatee

Just when Maciste is convinced his physical strength makes him the baddest in the universe, Satan struts his stuff. And when Maciste sees that evil goatee pointed at him, he has to step back and pee on himself just to get up the nerve to tell the old devil to go to hell - which turned out to be a bad idea because the devil takes him along.

Maciste vs. The Cougar Crotch MILF
Maciste vs. The Cougar Crotch MILF
And the winner is...
And the winner is...Will he ever escape?
Maciste adjusts to the hardships of the new life
Does he really want to?

Just when Maciste is convinced Satan is the baddest in the universe, he gets nasty with The Bitch From Hell (aka Ms. Cougar Crotch)...and gets his first taste of defeat, as she pussy-whips him into becoming her personal walking dildo.

Hell Yeah

Any adventure set in Hell is likely to be a porn-tinged teaser. After all, if the only thing stopping a man from committing adultery with thy neighbor's hottie is fear of eternal damnation, then if he's already in Hell...well what the hell, let the sinning begin!

And so Maciste jumps right into Hell, getting adulterous with no less than the utterly fapworthy Queen of Hell - while steady eyeballing her hot-to-trot daughter.