Porky's Hare Hunt

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Porky hunts a wacky wascally wabbit.

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After Porky's problems with duck hunting, it's no surprise that he's switched to rabbits in this remake of "Porky's Duck Hunt", that substitutes a rabbit in the role previously played by Daffy Duck.

The rabbit would go on to become Bugs Bunny. Here, however, he is not the cool smart aleck, but completely screwball: "just Daffy Duck in a rabbit suit" - with a voice and laugh that Blanc would later use for Woody Woodpecker (also created by Ben 'Bugs' Hardaway).

He uses Groucho's line from the 1933 "Duck Soup", "Of course you know, this means war!".

But he mostly resembles Max Linder in the second half of the 1917 "Max The Heartbreaker" (Max Entre Deux Feux): pestering others with his wackiness, then kicking his heels and flying off into a carefree dance. And, like the Linder film, it ends with him heading off into the horizon alone on a road.


Max The Heartbreaker (Max Entre Deux Feux)

Two girls crazy over Max. Begins as a romance (with some surprisingly nice cinematography) but, in the last 5 minutes, switches to comedy when Max learns the girls plan to kill each other over him! That sends Max into a wacky bliss, and he pulls a string of gags that look like they could have inspired Looney Tunes!

Hare-um Scare-um

When a hunter learns of higher meat prices, he goes off to hunt rabbits - but finds a screwball instead. A remake of the 1938 'Porky's Hare Hunt' (which, in turn, was a remake of 'Porky's Duck Hunt'.