Eternal Desire

journal posted 1999-02-28 - last updated 2016-07-16
Rural Girl Fair One

"I'm much too dark",
said the farm girl in the sun.
"I wish I were more like
that fair-skinned one".

The fair-skinned one said,
"I want to be like them.
Shed this dread fat
and be lean and slim".

Slim One Clever One

"I need more knowledge",
the slim one said.
"If only I had
that clever one's head."

Spoke the clever one,
"Let the truth be told:
Ideas buy nothing!
I want the rich one's gold."

Rich One Healthy One

"Money can't buy happiness",
said the one with great wealth.
"I'd give my fortune to be
the one with good health".

"But in this world of troubles
a good body is no cure".
The healthy one said,
"Let me be the one whose soul is pure".

Pure Soul Powerful One

Said the pure soul,
"Suffering gets worse by the hour.
I could serve more
if I were that one with great power".

"It's a gift to be simple",
said the powerful one.
"Let me leave this sad world,
Be a farm girl in the sun".