A Harlequin's Story (La Légende de Polichinelle)

Or, 'How Max Came To Comedy'

In Max Linder's 1914 Max Plays At Drama (Max Joue Le Drame), Max's attempt at drama has so many bloopers that the audience applauds in hysterical laughter. This film looks like it could have inspired that later film.

The dramatic rescue is first stymied when the romantic hero stumbles over the debris and nearly falls over, and then again when he can't fit his dismembered beloved through the doorway. Later, part of his costume falls off.

After the heroine is revived, it's time for the girlie show: a mock international pageant in a bizarre funhouse setting, and the popular butterfly dance close out the fun.

No doubt it was while watching this film that Max Linder realized his true calling was comedy.