Voidsville Confidential: Gamin' On Ya (video)

WARNING: Mind not yet deprived of any imagination, so video might not make sense

Anarchy, Errico Malatesta, 1891

Man, like all living beings, adapts and habituates himself to the conditions in which he lives, and transmits by inheritance his acquired habits. Thus being born and having lived in bondage, being the descendant of a long line of slaves, man, when he began to think, believed that slavery was an essential condition of life; and liberty seemed to him an impossible thing.
If, then, we add to the natural effect of habit the education given him by his masters, the parson, teacher, etc., who are all interested in teaching that the employer and the government are necessary; if also we add the judge and the bailiff to force those who think differently--and might try to propagate their opinions --to keep silence, we shall understand how the prejudice as to the utility and necessity of masters and governments has become established.

Why don't you change?, J. Krishnamurti

Why don’t you change? What prevents you?

If each one of us asks that question… not verbally or merely intellectually as a mere entertainment. But ask that question most seriously and deeply. What’s your answer?

What’s your answer to this problem that human beings have lived this way for millennia upon millennia? Why haven’t they changed? Why haven’t you, who are listening now, why haven’t you changed?

You know if you don’t change, what the consequences are. You’ll be national, nationalistic. You’ll be tribal, insular, isolated, and therefore have no relationship globally. Fighting, fighting, fighting.

New space, Timothy Leary, 1978

The space you occupy determines the time that you live in...So that to move into new space is the only way that new realities can be created, and the fastest way that future nervous systems can be activated.