Today I Learned New Sex Slang

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Courtesy of this balaclava-clad police "escort" to court in Malaysia.

Apparently this raunchy cop-wear is not considered a breach of courthouse decorum in Islamic Malaysia where, under its sharia criminal law, consensual sex between unmarried Muslim adults can be punished by up to three years imprisonment plus whipping, and where sharia enforcement police routinely raid parks and hotels to nab unmarried Muslim couples who then face up to two years imprisonment for merely being in "close proximity" (committing khalwat).

This courtroom garb may get lots of cops laughing when worn to rape trials, but the involuntary client of this sleazy escort service, who is facing a life sentence for Facebook comments expressing support for Islamic State, does not appear amused. Ironically, given that "a picture is worth a thousand words", and that this photo can serve as strong support for claims of the sexual degeneracy of Malaysia's brand of Islamic State, it's likely to be much more successful than mere Facebook comments in providing support for the competing (bearded) Islamic State team that he is accused of rooting for.