Rules Of The Game (music video)

A healthy democracy needs informed voters, so listen up as The Boss lays down the Rules Of The Game:

Freedom to choose is just a ruse I use
Vote any way you want, bet you I will never lose.
Democracy is fine for picking a mayor
But in the Big Game you'll never be a player
I make the rules, you fools are just tools
Shut up, get back to work, just be a taxpayer.
It's not about your future, it's about my interests
The fate of your country is none of your business
You're blinded, simple-minded
I decide, and then you get behind it

I hope that's perfectly clear:
Don't make me have to start shooting in here.

Know the Rules Of The Game

Running time:
2 minutes 15 seconds
Moving images include these from Internet Archive (
  • "Anti Obama TV advertising",
  • "Anti Romney ad",
  • "[Eisenhower Campaign Spots, 1956 Presidential Campaign]",
  • "Behind the Freedom Curtain",
  • "Democracy",
  • "Cat-Women of the Moon",
  • "Strike",
  • "Metropolis Fritz Lang 1927 Remastered",
  • "Freaks",
  • "Kansas City Confidential",
Music samples:
  • "Gwandian Da Dhol" (Dr. Zeus)
  • "Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise" (Eric Dolphy)
  • "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" (Yellowman, by way of Eazy-E's "Nobody Move")
  • "Ladies and gentleman" (
  • "Confusing Times" (