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Pandemic Travel Alert

OPEN: to international leisure travel

Most recent update: 2022-05-01 - Insurance requirement dropped, fully vaccinated travellers exempted from pre-departure and on-arrival test requirements


General Policy
  1. Starting 18 March 2020, entry denied to all travellers. Malaysia nationals and permanent residents are excepted and allowed entry, but are not allowed to travel abroad for holidays. Holders of immigration passes (Expatriate Pass, Student Pass, Dependent Pass, Temporary Work Pass, and My Second Home Pass) holders are generally not allowed entry and must apply for special permission. Transiting travellers who do not require immigration clearance are allowed to board connecting flights.
  2. Starting 1 April 2022, Malaysia's borders reopen.
  3. Starting 1 April 2022, all fully vaccinated travellers are exempted from quarantine.
  4. Starting 1 May 2022, travel insurance is no longer required for entry, and all fully vaccinated travellers are exempted from pre-departure and on-arrival test requirements.
  1. "MCO FAQ: Air travel during implementation of Movement Control Order"
  2. MySafeTravel
  3. MySafeTravel - Definition of Vaccination Status
  4. Tourism Malaysia - Malaysia Relaxes Covid-19 Testing Rules & Travel Insurance For Inbound Travellers

COVID-19 Related Entry Requirements

  • Travellers must have a valid visa to enter Malaysia (if required).

(Source: MySafeTravel - FAQ Traveler (What must an individual do to enter Malaysia?) )

  1. Travellers must have completed a full regimen of a COVID-19 vaccine recognised by World Health Organization (WHO) or by a stringent regulatory authority in the country of origin and a booster dose for those aged 60 years and above. Those who have received two doses of Sinopharm or Sinovac, regardless of their age, should also receive their third dose to be qualified as fully vaccinated.
  2. A full regimen of a COVID-19 vaccine means the traveller has received the required number of doses to provide the full vaccine protection, inclusive of the time needed following the administration of the doses to be protected against COVID-19. Currently, this means 14 days after the second dose of a two-dose vaccine or 14 days after a one-dose vaccine. For booster dose, the traveller is considered fully vaccinated immediately after vaccination.
  3. After traveller downloads the contact tracing mobile application and creates an account, a digital vaccine certificate issued outside Malaysia can be verified on the MySafeTravel website, and a vaccination certificate entered into the mobile application. This will serve as proof of vaccination to enter premises in Malaysia that require it.

(Source: MySafeTravel - FAQ Traveler (Vaccination Requirements) )

  1. Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers must provide a negative accepted COVID-19 test result taken within 2 days of departure. Test can be either:
    • RT-PCR test
    • A professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag)
  2. Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers must undertake a supervised rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) within 24 hours of arrival. The supervised test can be done at a private clinic or virtually. RTK-Ag testing services are also available at the airport. The cost of on-arrival testing will be borne by the traveller.

(Source: MySafeTravel - Pre-departure and on-arrival testing )

Data Collection
  • Before departure, travellers are required to download the government contact tracing mobile application and complete the digital pre-departure form within the application. The form requests details that are considered critical health information, and must be completed before check-in to be allowed to board the flight. Fully vaccinated travellers will be issued with a vaccination certificate upon submission of the form. Travellers not fully vaccinated will be issued with a Digital Home Surveillance Order for 5 days and required to quarantine for 5 days upon arrival.

(Source: MySafeTravel - Digital Pre-Departure Form )

Movement Restrictions
  1. Fully vaccinated travellers and travellers aged 17 years old and below are exempted from quarantine upon arrival.
  2. Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers are required to serve mandatory 5 days quarantine at their own accommodation. They do not need to apply for home quarantine. They should either take an RT-PCR test on Day-4 of quarantine OR a professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) on Day-5 of quarantine. If tested negative, they can be released from quarantine on Day-5. If they test positive, they must continue to quarantine for another 5 days.

(Source: MySafeTravel - Quarantine upon arrival )

  • Starting 1 May 2022, travel insurance is no longer required for entry

(Source: Tourism Malaysia - Malaysia Relaxes Covid-19 Testing Rules & Travel Insurance For Inbound Travellers )


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Pre-pandemic visa rules


Passport Validity
6 months
Other Documents
A visitor is also required to prove his financial ability to stay in Malaysia and possess a confirmed return travel ticket or a travel ticket to a third country.
- Holders of confirmed onward tickets, arriving at and departing from Kuala Lumpur (KUL), are permitted transit without visa in international transit area for up to 24 hours. Transit without a visa is not available between Main Terminal and KLIA2.
Dual Nationality
The Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State warns: "Malaysia does not recognize or permit dual nationality. If Malaysian authorities learn that you are a U.S.-Malaysia dual national, they may require you to immediately forfeit your U.S. passport or your Malaysian citizenship. U.S.-Malaysia dual nationals should consider this issue seriously before traveling to Malaysia".
U.S. policy on dual nationality can be found here.

Additional Notes

  1. Travelers may apply to the Immigration Department for emergency extensions of up to two months.
  2. Some emergency or temporary passports do not qualify for visa exemption: check Timaticweb for details.
  3. Any person classified under Section 8 of Immigration Act 1959/63 will not be allowed to enter Malaysia even though he/she is in possession of a valid Passport or Travel Document, Visa, travel ticket and sufficient funds.