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The list of geographic regions is derived from the United Nations Statistics Division geoscheme (UN M.49), but differs in two cases:

  1. The UN scheme excludes Taiwan, but here it is placed in the East Asia region.
  2. The UN scheme places Iran in the South Asia region, but here it is placed in the Middle East-West Asia region.

Visa Programs


No Forms To Fill Pre-Arrival

No Forms To Fill On Arrival

Visa-Exempt Check mark Check mark
Visa-On-Arrival Check mark X mark
Visa-Pre-Arrival X mark Check mark

Note that, by this traveller-centric definition, Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) and Electronic Visa (eVisa) programs that require traveller to apply prior to traveling are classed as Visa-Pre-Arrival. Other definitions, that classify according to where the "visa" is issued, class those as Visa-On-Arrival. Furthermore, the sites Passport Index, Do You Need Visa, and VISADB all classify ETA, eVisa, and Visa-On-Arrival as "Visa-Free", despite the glaring contradiction in terms.

In short, regardless of the name given to the program - Travel Authorization, Travel Permit, Visa, or whatever - if it requires an application to be filed and approved, here it is classified as a Visa program. Whether it is On-Arrival or Pre-Arrival is determined by when the application procedure is required to occur.


All information is for ordinary passports used for entry for tourism, if not stated otherwise.


Currently the visa information on this site is primarily compiled for USA passports.

Other passports are added only when it could be confirmed that the USA visa information for a particular destination applies in all respects.

As a result, the info on non-USA passports has limitations - for any destination, a passport will not be listed if:

It falls under a different visa program
Example: Entry to Timor-Leste is visa-exempt for EU passports, but USA passports must get visa on arrival, so EU passports are not listed for Timor-Leste.
It falls under the same visa program, but with a different permitted duration of stay
Example: Visa-exempt entry to South Korea for USA passport is limited to a stay of 90 days, while visa-exempt stay for a Canada passport is 6 months, so Canada is not listed for South Korea.
The USA is not specified with other passports
Example: Singapore authorities only specify passports that require a visa before arrival, and all other passports are exempt from visa requirement, so only USA passport is listed for Singapore.
No authoritative source found for the destination
Example: North Korea
In short, the information on non-USA passports is incomplete, and nothing should be inferred from any omissions.