Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands map

Region: Micronesia

Pre-pandemic visa rules


Passport Validity
6 months
Other Documents
Onward or return confirmed transportation tickets
- There are no transit facilities
Dual Nationality
U.S. policy on dual nationality can be found here.

Additional Notes

  1. Source states: "Citizens of the following countries may enter the Marshall Islands for the period stated on their visa which is issued on arrival: United States, Palau, and FSM".
  2. Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Ministry of Health warns: "Effective December 10th, 2019: Non-RMI citizens (6 months of age up to adults born after 1957) must show an official and sealed up-to-date measles vaccination certificate from health provider on entry to RMI ports...Failure to comply will result in entry refusal. No exceptions unless contraindicated by a doctor in writing".