Macau, China (Macao SAR)

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Region: East Asia

Pandemic Travel Alert


Most recent update: 2022-01-05 - All inbound passenger flights from outside of China prohibited from 9 January 2022 through 23 January 2022


General Policy
  1. Starting 9 January 2022 through 23 January 2022, “the Health Bureau prohibits civil aircrafts from carrying passengers from places outside China to Macao”.
  2. Starting 18 March 2020, all travellers are denied entry.
  3. Travellers who (1) are residents of Macao, Mainland China, Hong Kong, or the region of Taiwan and (2) starting 23 Dec. 2020, have not been outside Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the past 21 days, are excepted and permitted entry.
  4. Starting 5 May 2021, non-Macao residents without a resident status in the Mainland China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the region of Taiwan may enter into Macao in case of family reunification or exceptional circumstances of close relationship with Macao provided that they have not visited any places outside the Mainland China or Macao in the past 21 days prior to intended arrival to Macao and are authorized by the health authorities in advance.

(Source: Special webpage against Epidemics)

COVID-19 Related Entry Requirements

(Source: Special webpage against Epidemics)

  • Starting 10 July 2021, all travellers who are permitted to enter must hold a proof of negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test that meets the requirements established by the health authorities. The validity period is determined by the health authorities depending on the risk of epidemics in different countries and regions. The health authorities may exempt travellers from compliance.
Movement Restrictions
  • All travellers who are permitted to enter will be subject to a 14-day compulsory quarantine at a designated venue.


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Pre-pandemic visa rules


Passport Validity
Valid for one month beyond the intended period of stay
Other Documents
Visitors are required to possess a valid onward or return ticket unless they can prove that they reside on the Mainland of China or in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Visitors are required to prove that they possess the vital resources of a minimum of MOP5000 (USD621) for their expected period of stay in Macao.
- For all passports, transit visitors who intend to enter Macau for less than 48 hours for the purpose of travelling onward to another destination via the Macao International Airport are exempt fron visa.
Dual Nationality
U.S. policy on dual nationality can be found here.

Additional Notes

  1. Non-residents will be refused entry for attempting to evade the regulation on stay and residence and having frequent entries to Macao within short intervals without appropriate justification