Max And The Leading Ladies

The leading ladies to the major silent comedians were mostly used as eye candy and romantic interest. Max Linder was no exception to this: the leading lady rarely shared the comic spotlight with Max.

Yet, even within the limited roles they were confined to, these actresses distinguished themselves and left their mark on the Max Linder films. Their absence from the later US films was a painful reminder of the importance of their contributions.

The comic flair of Stacia Napierkowska

Stacia Napierkowska in 'Une Nuit Agitee' Stacia Napierkowska in 'Amour Tenace'

The straight sentimental roles of Lucy d'Orbel

Lucy d'Orbel

Jane Renouardt, the primary leading lady for both comic and romantic roles

Jane Renouardt, lead lady Jane Renouardt, comic Jane Renouardt, romantic