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Region: Southeast Asia


Passport Validity
6 months
- Holders of confirmed onward tickets are permitted transit without visa in international transit area for up to 24 hours.
Dual Nationality
U.S. policy on dual nationality can be found here.

COVID-19 Travel Alert

Updated: 2020-09-01
Limited Entry
  1. Starting March 24, all travellers are denied entry/transit from/through all ports of entry (land, sea, and air). Brunei citizens and permanent residents are excepted and permitted entry. All travellers that are permitted entry are required to undergo self-isolation for 14 days.
  2. Starting 1 September 2020 under the Singapore-Brunei "Reciprocal Green Lane" arrangement, travellers of all nationalities who are legally residents in Singapore may apply to travel for single-entry short-term essential business and official purposes. Travellers must be hosted by a Brunei company or government agency, and must submit a business/official tentative program. Only entry by direct flight is permitted.
  1. Tourism and Development Department - Public Advisory
  2. Singapore-Brunei Reciprocal Green Lane, SafeTravel Singapore Government Agency Website
Outbound Travel Restrictions
  1. Starting March 24, citizens, permanent residents, and long-term visa holders of Brunei Darussalam (including valid Green I.C holders) are restricted from leaving Brunei Darussalam from all ports of entry (land, sea, and air) with the exception of undergoing urgent medical care overseas, attend court hearings or resuming study abroad.
  2. Tourists or those on a social visit pass currently in Brunei Darussalam are not subjected to the outbound travel restrictions.

(Source: Tourism and Development Department - Public Advisory)