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Region: South Asia


Passport Validity
6 months
Stay and Departure
Travellers whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sight-seeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, or attending a short-term yoga program may apply for a Tourist eVisa. Those seeking short duration medical treatment may apply for Medical eVisa, those planning a casual business visit may apply for Business eVisa. The eVisa is an online pre-authorization of visa: the actual visa is affixed to passport on arrival. The Tourist eVisa and Business eVisa permit multiple entry, the Medical eVisa allows triple entry. Travellers should have return ticket or onward journey ticket, with sufficient money to spend during stay in India.
- Holders of confirmed onward tickets are permitted transit without visa in international transit area for up to 24 hours.
- Hotel facilities are available in Terminal 3 at Delhi if holding a boarding card for the connecting flight.
- Transit Visa is valid for single or double entry, within 15 days from date of issue, entry from any port of immigration check post (Airport, Seaport). Duration of stay during each visit should not exceed 3 days. Visa application requires confirmed air ticket for onward journey and valid visa for final destination.
Dual Nationality
Embassy of India, Washington D C, USA states: 'Constitution of India does not allow holding Indian citizenship and Citizenship of a foreign country simultaneously. The Government of India has decided to register Persons of Indian Origin of certain category as...Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Cardholder. It is basically a life long Visa and with some other privileges attached which can be seen on the Ministry of Home Affairs' web site. It is reiterated that holding an OCI card in no way entitles its holders to claim the status of dual citizenship.'
U.S. policy on dual nationality can be found here.

Additional Notes

  1. An e-Medical Visa extension may be granted for up to 6 months on case to case basis.
  2. Travellers needing longer stay can apply for visas valid for 6 months, 1 year, or longer through the authorized Service Provider for the Embassy of India and its Consulates
  3. The eVisa page states: "International Travellers having Pakistani Passport or Pakistani origin may please apply for regular Visa at Indian Mission."
  4. The visa policy of India has frequently changed in the last few years, therefore it is strongly recommended that travellers planning a visit seek authoritative sources - and check early, check often.
  5. U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory: Level 2 (Exercise increased caution)