Equatorial Guinea

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Region: Middle Africa

Pandemic Travel Alert

PARTIALLY OPEN: only accepting leisure travel from or to designated areas

Updated: 2020-06-15


General Policy
  1. On June 15, the suspension of international flights, in effect since March 31, was lifted.
  2. The Ministry for Civil Aviation warns that entry "is subject to strict reciprocity, except via special authorisation. Thus, citizens from countries that restrict the entry of citizens of Equatorial Guinea to their territory will not be authorised to disembark in Equatorial Guinea... the European Union has published a list of countries whose citizens are admitted to its territory, and Equatorial Guinea is not included on it". The US does not yet have an entry restriction that restrict the entry of citizens of Equatorial Guinea, so this restiction may not apply to holders of US passport, but the decison is made by the airline.
  1. "Official Policy Committee announcement on end of confinement throughout national territory from June 15th"
  2. "Application of decree 45/2020 on reopening of international flights"
  3. US CDC: Travelers Prohibited from Entry to the United States

Entry Requirements

  • U.S. Embassy in Equatorial Guinea reports that travellers: "...must present upon arrival a certificate of negative diagnosis for the coronavirus through a PCR test, valid within the previous 48 hours...If you do not have a valid and negative PCR test upon arrival, it is likely you will be sent to mandatory government quarantine and undergo COVID-19 testing at your own cost".

(Source: U.S. Embassy in Equatorial Guinea: COVID-19 Information )


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Pre-pandemic visa rules


Passport Validity
6 months
Yellow Fever
The World Health Organization reports (15 November 2018) a risk of yellow fever in Equatorial Guinea. The government of Equatorial Guinea requires proof of a yellow fever vaccination certificate for travellers arriving from or having transited through countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.
- There are no transit facilities, travellers must comply with all entry regulations for Equatorial Guinea.
Dual Nationality
U.S. policy on dual nationality can be found here.

Applicable Passports: