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Region: Micronesia


Passport Validity
6 months
- Transit without visa for holders of a confirmed onward ticket for a flight to a third country within 3 hours on the same calendar day. Must stay in the international transit area of the airport and have documents required for the next destination.
Dual Nationality
U.S. policy on dual nationality can be found here.

Additional Notes

  1. Source states"For all visa applications including for visiting media personnel, an email request to enter Nauru should be sent to Nauru Immigration. Email to be sent to the director of the immigration office Mr Rajeev Keerthiyil at or"

COVID-19 Travel Alert: Summary

Updated: 2020-03-19
No entry from Asia, Europe, or USA
(Source: Nauru Airlines Travel Restriction Advisory [PDF download] )
  1. Nauru Airlines, the only airlines servicing Nauru, will deny booking, boarding or travel to any person who is a suspected or confirmed coronavirus case, or within the previous 21 days, has had direct exposure to or contact with a suspected or confirmed case.
  2. Nauru Airlines will deny booking, boarding or travel to any person who within the previous 21 days, has travelled from or transited through Europe, USA or Asia (except Taiwan).

Applicable Passports: