Fantômas: In the Shadow of the Guillotine (Fantômas - À l'ombre de la guillotine)

Fantômas is the first famous film criminal mastermind. Like all criminal masterminds, he is pursued by a shrewd and determined detective - Inspector Juve. But unlike other police detectives in film, Juve is no hero, no pompous know-it-all. Yet, unlike noir private detectives, Juve isn't portrayed as an antihero. Juve is simply a loser - a loser who is unstylish, and tends toward despondence and chain-smoking. In short, Juve is the soul of this flick, giving it its uniquely modern feel, and the only detective worth cheering for - because you know he will lose.


Juve versus Fantômas/Fantômas: The Man in Black (Juve contre Fantômas)

In this second Fantômas episode, the action picks up - some of it filmed in the scenic streets of old Paris (to the visible delight of several gawking passer-bys): in between his busy love life with several women, Fantômas finds time to pull off a train disaster, in addition to the titular battle with Inspector Juve that includes an ambush, a capture and escape, and a murder attempt. Along with the action, lots of details are filled in via hand-written reports, notes, letters, and telegram so reading still required.