Les Vampires: Episode 9 – The Poisoner

With the Vampires again led by yet another Wile E. Coyote, forever concocting over-ingenious fails, it's up to Irma Vep to get the job done right - so she's more badass than ever.


Les Vampires: Episode 10 – The Terrible Wedding

Les Vampires goes out in grand style: dance, stunts, and gangster partying. By now it should be obvious to all that Mazamette must be French for deus ex machina, aka “unbelievable last-minute rescue”, aka “inept plot device”. It also should be clear to Emma Peel fans that Irma Vep did it first - and did it best: because she was on the side we cheer for.


Judex Episode 8: The Underground Passages of the Chateau Rouge/The Dungeons of the Chateau Rouge (Les souterrains du Château-Rouge)


  • Up close and personal, revenge is not so sweet
  • Final farewell to an ex is always A Bad Idea
  • “Surely, the world's most intractable problems could be solved if humanity could only find three reliable men and a fast car” --from The Wisdom of Master Boy Toy


Judex: Prologue

WATCH THIS FIRST! This prologue not only introduces the characters, but lays out important elements in the plot scheme. I'd already watched the first episode before I found this, and regretted it.

  • The more natural acting styles of Musidora and Louis Leubas
  • The comic flair of the unidentified actor that played Jonas the office assistant.


Les Vampires: Episode 2 – The Ring That Kills

A Man receives a ring that, he is told, can be fatal. A Reporter interviews a dancer that, rumor has it, is his fiancee. Just before her performance, the Man gives her the ring. Her performance lasts for nearly 10% of the episode before she collapses. The Man escapes, but The Reporter chases, but then The Reporter is captured, then escapes, but then the Man escapes again. Is this story going anywhere? Catch the next episode and see...


Les Vampires: Episode 3 – The Red Codebook

The story heats up, as the The Man (alias The Great Seducer, alias the Count de Noirmoutier, alias Dr. Nox) introduces his most deadly weapon, the vamp Irma Vep, while The Reporter retaliates with his own deadly weapon: his mom. How will the Dynamic Duo of a boy and his mom fare against a gang that seems to make no money, but just hangs out and watches Les Vampires Scan'lous Pimp Dance? Catch the next episode and see...