The False Max Linder (Un idiot qui se croit Max Linder)

Tries, but fails, to be an imitation Max. Samples "Max Pedicure". Ironic movie posters (for actual movies) suggest a possible subtext of the film. One is titled "Le duel de Max (Max and His Rival)" from 1913. When the imposter takes off the current poster, a poster is revealed for another Pathé Frères film: "La rançon de Rigadin (1914)" starring Charles Prince, whose "Rigadin" character was the only film comic that rivalled Max in popularity (and sometimes both used the same scenario: e.g., The Lady Doctor, and Courting Two Lovers). Was this film a sly putdown in a 1914 hiphop-style battle?


Max As A Chiropodist (Max pédicure)

When papa steps in, Max must stop romancing the daughter and pretend to be a pedicurist. Rework of "Pedicure Par Amour (1908)", and later sampled in "The False Max Linder (1914)"