Le due innamorate di Cretinetti

Cretinetti has fun fueling the flames of two females fighting for his affection. A showcase of comic pantomime.

Cretinetti fuels flames Cretinetti fuels flames Cretinetti fuels flames Cretinetti fuels flames


Max In Search Of A Sweetheart (Max Cherche une Fiancee)

Max gets into trouble when he sends two girls the same poem. This idea is revisited in a wacky way in the 1917 "Max The Heartbreaker".


Max The Heartbreaker (Max Entre Deux Feux)

Two girls crazy over Max. Begins as a romance (with some surprisingly nice cinematography) but, in the last 5 minutes, switches to comedy when Max learns the girls plan to kill each other over him! That sends Max into a wacky bliss, and he pulls a string of gags that look like they could have inspired Looney Tunes!


Hare-um Scare-um

When a hunter learns of higher meat prices, he goes off to hunt rabbits - but finds a screwball instead. A remake of the 1938 'Porky's Hare Hunt' (which, in turn, was a remake of 'Porky's Duck Hunt'.