Works featuring "fantasy" (30)

No More Bald Men

Simple gag, smooth execution. Year uncertain, estimates ranging from 1905 to 1912, with 1908 most common.

Max Linder's Big Family (Je voudrais un enfant)

Max feels his marital bliss is incomplete. Somewhat similar to the 1904 "The Strenuous Life, Or, Anti-Race Suicide", with absurd comedy replacing social satire. A bit unnerving to watch Max do his manic antics near real infants.

Max Takes A Bath (Max prend un bain)

Max does a nervous twitch so effectively, it is almost contagious. When doctor prescribes hot baths, Max buys a tub which, hilariously, leads to a wall-scaling chase, as first seen in the 1906 "The ? Motorist", adding to the the wonderful absurdity of it all.