Works by Pathé (66)

Max And His Mother-in-law (Max et sa belle-mère)

Max has a new bride, but can't escape his mother-in-law. Twice the length, but fraction of laughs. Virtually every moment of the film shows Max in anger, yet that is not where Max's comic attraction dwells - he is lovable as a hapless twit. But it does provide historic confirmation for an axiom of comedy: your act is in trouble when you find yourself resorting to mother-in-law jokes.

Max's Elopement (Max au couvent)

Max rescues lover from a convent via an arranged kidnapping: an extended rework of "Romeo Turns Bandit". All romance, no comedy. Includes unusual insertion of a triptych screen.

Max and the Flirtometer (Le Baromètre de la Fidélité)

The Linders are given a long tube filled with clear liquid and told that their fidelity is proven as long as the liquid stays clear. It is missing the opening scene, as described at the Film: Ab Initio blog, which notes "Its brand of humour makes it a forerunner for the screwball comedies of the thirties and forties". Features the Max Slide.